Symbols and terms are common helps of the present days. They serve their purpose and are helpful - but not always easy to understand! On this page you can find explanations of symbols and terms we used.

General symbols:
images/symbols/30grad.gif machine washable at 30° C
images/symbols/30grad_strich.gif delicates cycle
images/symbols/40grad.gif machine washable at 40° C
images/symbols/buegele1.gif iron at low temperature
images/symbols/no_buegeln.gif do not iron
images/symbols/no_dreieck.gif do not bleach
images/symbols/no_schleudern.gif do not dry clean
images/symbols/trockner.gif tumble-dry
images/symbols/fussbodenheizung.gif suitable for underfloor heating

Symbols Chic - shower curtains:
images/symbols/TEXTIL_120.jpg shower curtain width 120 cm, suitable for shower
images/symbols/TEXTIL_180.jpg shower curtain width 180 cm, suitable for shower and bathtub
images/symbols/TEXTIL_240.jpg shower curtain width 240 cm, suitable for shower and bathtub

Symbols Chic - bathroom textiles:
images/symbols/3-tlg_ garnitur.jpg Set of 3 pieces w. carpet (carpet + bathmat cut out + seat-cover)
images/symbols/teppich_gross.jpg Carpet
images/symbols/teppich_rund_gross.jpg Carpet round
images/symbols/deckelbezug.jpg Seat-cover
images/symbols/vorleger_mit_ausschnitt.jpg Bathmat cut out
images/symbols/vorleger_ohne_ausschnitt.jpg Bathmat not cut out
images/symbols/handtuch_17x22.gif towel approx 17 x 22 cm (wash glove)
images/symbols/handtuch_30x50.gif towel approx 30 x 50 cm
images/symbols/handtuch_50x100.gif towel approx 50 x 100 cm
images/symbols/handtuch_70x140.gif towel approx 70 x 140 cm

Symbols Chic - antislip mats:
images/symbols/se_de_normal.gif Antislip bathmat approx 54 x 54 cm
images/symbols/se_we_normal.gif Antislip bathmat approx 38 x 72 cm
images/symbols/se_kopfpolster.gif Head pad
images/symbols/se_tecno_de.gif Antislip bathmat approx. Ø 54 cm
images/symbols/se_tecno_we.gif Antislip bathmat approx 38 x 72 cm, round

Symbols Chic - Accessories:
images/symbols/becher.jpg Tumbler
images/symbols/zahnbuerstenbecher.jpg Toothbrush holder
images/symbols/seifenschale.jpg Soap dish
images/symbols/seifenspender.jpg Soap dispenser
images/symbols/wc-buerste.jpg Toilet brush
images/symbols/abfalleimer.jpg Wastebasket
images/symbols/wattedose.jpg Cotton jar


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